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We bring the personalized service, deep business knowledge, and vested interest of in-house counsel to your business. We strive to be trusted advisors within your business, to continuously evaluate your business’s legal risks, mitigate those risks, and plan for unforeseen issues before they occur.





“The level of service and the honesty that comes with Heath doesn’t exist anymore in other law practices. For example, during a litigation process, Heath told us that the legal fees involved would not be worth the outcome. Instead of letting us rack up legal bills, he advised us to walk away and save ourselves a lot of money. What lawyer gives up an opportunity to bill clients? Heath is an honest attorney.”

Kenny Lombardi, Vice President, Center Land Properties


We aren’t just attorneys who practice business law; we are experienced business people who know how the law affects every part of your business.


From contract review to contract drafting, we will make sure all the contracts that touch your business put you in the best possible position to achieve your business goals.


Without carefully drafted employment agreements and documented policies, your business is vulnerable to employee claims. We can help mitigate these risks.


We’ve been investing in and managing real estate for over 15 years. We can advise you as both real estate law experts and experienced property owners.


Protect your brand, software source code, website content, and intellectual property with trademark/service mark registration and copyright registration.


What To Do About Partner Misconduct

What To Do About Partner Misconduct

Partner misconduct, including inappropriate work relationships, theft, and lying, are all issues that have the potential to severely impact the overall wellbeing of your business. If such misconduct occurs, the best-case scenario would be to expend considerable amount of time and money trying to recoup lost funds and mend broken relationships. Worst case? Your company may face bankruptcy or dissolution and liquidation of the company.

Quiet Title Actions

Quiet Title Actions

Whether you have decided to purchase an investment property, are in the middle of a property ownership dispute, or have inherited a piece of property, understanding how quiet title actions work can help you resolve disputes that may occur.

How to Stop Defamatory Posts From Angry Customers

How to Stop Defamatory Posts From Angry Customers

Your business is your baby: You spend every waking minute trying to manage it and improve your products and services to meet your customers’ needs. There you are, doing the best you can, and you see a nasty comment come up on Google Reviews or Yelp calling out your business for poor performance. Even if what they’re saying isn’t true, it can still impact the way potential customers view your business.

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