As a commercial real estate property owner, you need customized contracts that protect your interests. We work with companies who own or manage commercial real estate properties in drafting commercial real estate leases, eviction protocols, and commercial purchase agreements.

We can help you with:

  • Commercial Real Estate Closings
  • Purchase and Sale Contract Negotiation and Review
  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition, Development
  • Distressed Property Acquisition and Sales
  • Title Searches
  • HOA formation and management


We have helped many clients with all types of commercial real estate transactions. From industrial-use warehouses to retail spaces to multi-use buildings to executive offices, we have done the legal work for every type of transaction. We can draft any legal documents you need to buy, sell or lease your commercial space.

We work with all types of businesses representing both tenants and owners so we can give you solid legal counsel as well as practical knowledge regarding your commercial real estate transaction. Our experience in commercial real estate law will be a valuable asset to your business because not only can we help you decrease your potential liability, but we can also help you mitigate adverse circumstances before they happen.  Contact us to discuss your commercial real estate legal needs.


If you have one or several investment properties, it is essential to form the correct business entity to limit your personal liability as well as decrease your tax burden. For example, if you are buying a property for the purpose of renting it, then the business entity you need would most likely be very different than the entity you need if you are fixing and flipping properties. There are many things to consider when deciding which entity to form and we can help you choose the most appropriate business entity for your needs.

Business entities, when structured properly, can also insulate each property from the potential liabilities of other properties.  If you now own, or plan to own multiple properties, then we can help you set up and form the correct entity for each investment property to ensure you are well protected.


We understand the challenges that investors face such because we have over 15 years of real estate investing experience.  We can also guide you through the legal aspects of  managing rehab projects and property management.

Any lawyer can write a good lease agreement; but our deep knowledge of tenant relations and property management gives use the ability to offer not just legal advice, but also the practical advice to make you more successful in your day-to-day commercial property operations. Contact us to discuss your commercial real estate legal needs.


“Heath Phillips has a vast array of skill sets. From evictions to homeowners’ assessments to HOA operating agreements to collection disputes; he can execute on all of my needs and mitigate my exposure. He shows real commitment to my business and has my best interests at heart.”

Gary Clark, Co-Owner, Precision Homes of Colorado