Your technology firm needs professional legal representation for business law, contract law, and intellectual property. We can ensure that you have the right contracts in place, that you are meeting compliance standards, and that your intellectual property is protected. H.A. Phillips Law can help you with:

  • Compliance (TCPA, Can-Spam Act)
  • Software Licensing
  • Master Services Agreements
  • Saas Terms of Service Agreements
  • SaaS End User License Agreements
  • Ownership and Use of Data
  • Data Security Policies and Protocols
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Attracting Investors to Your Technology Startup

Trust us to help your technology business limit its liability and be more successful.  We offer personal legal and business consultation service that is unparalleled by any other firm.  


Businesses that are using automated phone or text message communications must comply with federal regulations, namely the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA allows fines up to $500 per text message or phone call placed if the caller’s (or sender’s) communications are not compliant with TCPA regulations. Similarly, businesses that send commercial email communications must comply with the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act.

H.A. Phillips can review the service agreements with consultants and service providers and make sure that all of your suppliers are compliant with your business policies regarding marketing communications. We can also help you write processes, (if they are not already in writing) so you have compliance built into your procedures.


It’s in your service business’s best interest to have a master services agreement in place with all of your clients in order to mitigate risk associated with the clients’ use of your software. We can draft a master services agreement that will outline favorable terms and specify user compliance standards.


As a SaaS business, you can’t always control how end users will use your software. However, you can limit your liability by having strict terms of service and end user license agreements drafted. We can help your SaaS business with your legal needs. Contact us to discuss your technology business’s legal needs.


The data generated by your customer during the use of your SaaS platform can generate potential legal questions such as who owns the data, where is it stored, and how is it protected. As in-house counsel for technology companies and with our deep business knowledge, we have the experience to help you draft an ownership and use of data agreement that limits your liability and serves your best interests.


Cybercriminals are always evolving which means that data security standards need to always be changing. We continue to monitor and analyze new case law around data protection and cybersecurity so that we can draft internal protocols for you that ensure your business’s continuance compliance with security regulations. Work with us, and you’ll stay up to date on the latest legal implications of data security and reduce your vulnerability to data security threats.


When working with clients to create custom software or automated applications or processes, your company should contemplate who will own the software or processes that you are creating. Before you engage with your clients, we can draft a services agreement with specific intellectual property ownership language so that your company retains ownership of your intellectual property to resell or incorporate into other projects. Trust us to understand your business needs thoroughly and to draft the right contract for your intellectual property protection.


In the excitement of forming a startup, many entrepreneurs forget to lay the legal foundation to ensure the long-term success of their business. For example, without proper business formation (corporate governance) documents, current or former partners can contest ownership of the company or the technology around which the company is built. Legal problems are the last thing you want as a startup, so make sure you protect your business from the start with proper corporate governance documents.


When your technology startup has been properly set up and maintained, your company is more attractive to investors and venture capital firms. It demonstrates professionalism and stability to potential investors. H.A. Phillips Law has deep experience in technology businesses,  intellectual property law and venture capital transactions. We can help you draft the correct contracts to protect your business.

No matter what your technology, we can help you with compliance, protecting intellectual property, and drafting the necessary contracts to ensure your success.  Contact us to help you set up and protect your technology business.


“Heath is part of our organization, and not someone we hire on a just a project basis. I trust him to act in our best interest and be mindful of things that may not immediately occur to me. Working with Heath is like having an in-house counsel on a part time basis.”

Ben Addoms, CEO, Shotzoom Software