When you need an expert in business law who can help you with a particular issue or provide ongoing legal counsel, we can help. We have decades of business and legal experience to draw from and can assist with formation documents and registration of your business, business succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, cybersecurity compliance policies, and more.

Contracts can save your business or create excessive risk.  Our experience as in-house corporate counsel as well as our extensive business experience gives us the ability to draft, negotiate and review your business contracts within the context of meeting all of your business goals. Look to us for help with master services agreements, consulting agreements, nondisclosure agreements, limitation of liability and waiver agreements, and more.

Employees are the heart of your business. Unfortunately, having employees also comes with a lot of legal ramifications. We can help ease the legal burdens by providing you with sound legal counsel on all employment-related issues, such as drafting employee and contractor agreements, severance agreements, intellectual property assignment agreements, and more.

As a property owner, you have a myriad of legal concerns. From setting up business entities to own your properties and evicting non-paying tenants, to managing issues regarding quiet title, drafting deeds and properly forming your HOA or condominium complex, you have no shortage of legal issues to navigate. We are property owners and real estate investors too and we can use our deep knowledge and experience to help you improve your real estate business.

Protect your logo, tagline, and brand name by registering them as a trademark or service mark. Similarly, you can safeguard your original creative content, software, and architectural design from unauthorized use through copyright registration. We can help you with all of your trademark and copyright registration needs.