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Seminar Date:

April 17, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Modern Buy-Sell Agreements

When you co-own a business, having a buy-sell agreement (a.k.a. a buyout agreement) is critical for the health of the business. In the event that a co-owner dies, leaves or is forced to leave the business, this legally binding agreement between co-owners ensures that the business will continue.

A properly designed and funded buy-sell agreement satisfies the legitimate concerns of all parties involved by assuring the business continuation that benefits sellers, buyers, employees, customers and suppliers. Every business partnership should have a buy-sell agreement in place.

This free 90-minute seminar, presented in partnership with Aspen Grove Financial Strategies, will walk you through the foundation of these agreements and all of the elements that must be considered in their formation.

This seminar will take place at Aspen Grove Financial Strategies , 1510 Washington Ave., Suite 102, Golden, CO

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